07/04/2023 The Shiny Side Of Rail

This winter has seen a surge in sales for professional rail cleaning chemical manufacturer Arrow Solutions. The product in demand, Ecowash Autoshine, is the company’s most popular choice for daily train washing thanks to its shine finish and versatile character.

 The Shiny Side Of Rail

Day-to-day cleaning in the rail industry is not without its challenges. Rolling stock has to brave difficult weather conditions at high speeds on a daily basis, often for decades. To make sure trains always look their best, Ecowash Autoshine uses a blend of detergents, emulsifiers, water softeners and shine additives that allow streak-free cleaning and degreasing, while also enhancing the paint coating of rolling stock.

Ecowash Autoshine’s unique formula ensures it cleans dirt and grime from livery and rolling stock, while the shine additives create a protective coat that minimises future soiling. This means the cleaning process is faster and more efficient in the long run.

Because of its chemical properties, Ecowash Autoshine is not aggressive to sensitive galvanised or aluminium surfaces and adheres to the consented discharge rates of local authorities. The environmentally friendly cleaning chemical is safe to use in a wash bay and can be disposed of in the water system without the use of interceptor tanks or additional chemical treatments, which saves train operating companies a great deal of time and money.

“There’s a delicate balance in making sure a cleaning chemical is strong enough to remove tough soiling without becoming harmful to the environment,” explains Richard Havon, rail sales manager of Arrow Solutions. “The popularity of Ecowash Autoshine can be traced back to how well the daily cleaning chemical achieves this balance.

“Another success factor is its versatile nature. Ecowash Autoshine can be used in the exterior cleaning of locomotives, carriages, freight wagons, tankers, trams and underground trains, as well as for cleaning train interiors like floors, tables and other hard surfaces. Finally, the chemical can be used for manual cleaning or in automatic washing plants, which makes it the go-to product when it comes to daily rail cleaning.”

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